The majority of us experience disturbed sleep at some time or another but if disturbed or a lack of sleep persists for an extended period this can have significant effects on our overall health. Here we look at some of the common issues experienced by people who are unable to sleep and importantly, how to deal with them.

1. Try to keep any anxieties away from your bedroom. If there are things on your mind write them down on paper and keep them away from the bedroom.

2. As when we were young, taking a warm relaxing bath before bedtime helps to promote a sleepy mindset. Adhere to No.1, and take a relaxing bath while listening to some soothing music.

3. Try relaxation exercises once settled in bed. Concentrate your mind on relaxing all of your muscles starting at the tips of your toes and working your way up to the crown of your head relaxing each muscle in your mind as you go.

4. Try not to sleep in when you do get to sleep. Make sure your body understands your routine and get up at your normal time.

5. Try not to smoke or drink excessively given caffeine and nicotine will act as a stimulant keeping you awake. If you do smoke, make your cigarette cigarette at least one hour before you intend to go to sleep in the same applies to drinking tea or coffee.

6. If you are used to having a short sleep during the day try to avoid keeping your sleeping patterns based on one long sleep at night time.

7. Ensure you give your digestive system at least three hours to digestive any meals before going to sleep.

8. Refrain from taking up exercise before going to sleep given the release of chemicals when exercising in your brain will help to keep you alert.

To help your body prepare a good night's sleep try drinking a sweet and milky bedtime drink. Included rice, pasta and potatoes in your evening meal to provide you with substance through your sleep. Reduce the amount of caffeine and nicotine you consume before you go to bed. Avoid meals which are greasy, rich or heavy especially when ate late at night.

Source by Jamie Noone