To be productive and sharp mentally we all need a good night's sleep. If you are full of energy through the day you will get a better sleep at night. But if for whatever reason you are not getting a good night's sleep then you will not be full of energy so you will be in a vicious circle. This article will not bring any major realizations as its probably likely its is to day lifestyle choices which are hindering your sleep.

If you are out of sync when it comes to your sleeping and waking cycle the first job is to get back some consistency. You should start by setting a regular bed time and stick to it. Then start by waking up the same time every morning. It will be tempting to lay in at the weekend but this could be where your routine falls out of sync which you spend the rest of the week paying for it.

Now let's talk about melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone which is responsible for your day and night bio rhythms. Bright light suppresses the output of melatonin so when you watch television late at night this will not help you. Watching television actually stimulates the mind studies have revealed so this will not be helping. Try listening to music or reading books rather than watching the TV. If you do read, try using low wattage light bulbs.

Make sure your bed is comfortable and you have plenty of room to move around. Most mattresses only last 5 years so if your mattress is older than that you should really think about investing in another one. And do not be tight when it comes to buying one, we spend about a third of our life sleeping, and so buying a good quality mattress should be important. Keeping your bedroom cool with adequate ventilation is advisable as is keeping noise down to a minimum. If you live in an area where there is a lot of city traffic or noisy neighbors try having some soothing music in the background. If you can not sleep with gentle sound, try ear plugs.

Now here comes the boring bit. Eating the right food and getting the right exercise may sound like common sense and it is. But many of us do not eat the right foods and do not exercise enough. Eating late at night before you sleep is not a great idea. Fatty foods are not great for you full stop but having them a couple of hours before bed is bad. The fats take time for your stomach to digest and may have an effect on keeping you awake. We all know that smoking is bad for you but it is also good to remember that nicotine is a stimulant which can disrupted sleep. Alcohol is another no no as is caffeine. Try milky drinks in the evening rather than tea or coffee.

Now there are hundreds of articles on snoring and how this affects your sleeping pattern and those around you. Snoring is very common and one of the main reasons for people struggling to sleep. But there are plenty of studies which show that snoring could be caused by other health issues, some quite serious. So if you snore, your first port of call should be the doctor. This way he or she can eliminate any underlining health problems. Snoring can be caused by a number of things, but the actual sound is due to throat or nose airways becoming narrow. When these airways are narrowed the air you breathe in and breathe out as you sleep has to push its way through a smaller than normal passage, this then results in the vibration of loose tissue at the back of your throat making the snoring sound. There are many so called cures which all claim to stop you snoring. There is a snore ring which uses accupressure which many people say works well. To find one that suits you will be trial and error. But they are worth a try as getting a good night's sleep is so important.

So there you have just a few tips on how to get a better night's sleep. Most of it will be trial and error. What works for one person may not work for another. But you must make it a priority to get a good night's sleep as our brains need to rest so we can operate properly. Not getting enough sleep can have a serious affect on your everyday life and those around you.

Source by Carolyn Clayton