All girls are different. This is true just as much for what makes them who they are as to what they want their boyfriends to be like. Yet not like us men, there are a few general qualities that most of them appreciate and even look for in a partner. Here are a few things that factor into how to get the girl to consider you her boyfriend:

1. Trust. This is important first of all in terms of how comfortable you are around one another. She wants to be able to be herself around you and the same should be true from your point of view. Secondly she wants you to trust her feelings for you, as while a little bit of jealousy may be flattering she will still want to talk or hang out with her old friends.

2. Appreciation. Gifts and compliments feature into this department. Keep in mind it has to be genuine gestures in order to fit in with how to get the girl to become your girlfriend. Overindulgence of any of the three forms may be interpreted as attempts to buy her interest.

3. Intimacy. Honesty and physical contact are keywords in how to get the girl to be your girlfriend. While you do not need to resort to brutal honesty for the first one, speak your mind to her and expect her to do the same to you. For the second one, you are better off realizing that physical intimacy is not all about sex. Touching, hugging and kissing are greatly appreciated by women in general and will no doubt make her feel closer to you.

4. Excitement. While habits are inevitable in life, offering only that is not how to get the girl to want you to be her boyfriend. Spice up things every now and then by going to new places or trying new things. The more you do it the more you will grow closer to one another.

Source by Charles B. King