10 Random facts about....

Eivan ☆!

#1: He was raised by his grandmother.

#2: He’s in enjoys with someone .

#three: He enjoys cats, turtles, koala and kangaroo.

#four: He has a part-time work.

#five: Normally his father and his brother conquer him.

#six: He’s a good swimmer. He actually like the sea.

#7: He likes inexperienced or black tea.

#8: He’s sensitive to chilly. He desire sprigs/summer time time.

#nine: He performs the violin.

#ten: His hobby is the photography.

Now is your time! Decide on one of your resin boy/female and notify us ten random info about him/her!

Posted by ೋღ Shira ღೋ on 2012-07-26 11:39:fifty four