Stroll Through

A pretty working day strolling down central park as the rickshaws continue to be parked waiting for their holidaymakers to call upon them.

Strolling Down Park

walking down park
or columbus do you ever end
to assume what it seemed like
prior to it was an avenue
did you ever end to assume
what you walked
prior to you rode
subways to the stock
trade (we can’t be on
the stock trade
we are the stock

did you ever it’s possible question
what grass was like prior to
they rolled it
into a ball and termed
it central park
exactly where syphilitic puppies
and their two-legged tubercular
masters fertilize
the corners and facet-walks
ever want to know what would occur
if your everyday living could be fertilized
by a love imagined
from a loved one particular
who enjoys you

ever appear south
on a obvious working day and not see
time’s squares but see
tall Birch trees with sycamores
touching palms
and see gazelles operating playfully
just after the lions
ever listen to the antelope bark
from the third floor condominium

ever, did you ever, sit down
and question about what freedom’s liberty
would convey
it’s so quick to be absolutely free
you start off by loving oneself
then people who appear like you
all else will appear
in a natural way

ever question why
so considerably asphalt was laid
in so tiny house
probably so we would fail to remember
the Iroquois, Algonquin
and Mohicans who could caress
the earth

ever assume what Harlem would be
like if our herbs and roots and elephant ears
grew sending
a cacophony of sound to us
the parrot parroting black is attractive black is attractive
owls sending out whooooo’s producing love …
and me and you just sitting in the sunshine trying
to locate a way to get a banana tree from one particular of the monkeys
koala bears in the trees laughing at our listlessness

ever assume its feasible
for us to be

By Nikki Giovanni

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