Getting Together

We were tagged by A Buddy Termed 5 to demonstrate anyone in which we live. This begun quite a dialogue about who really should be in the image and in which it really should be taken. The most important Really Adept plushie stars are Rolly, John, Moo, Colette and Spencer. But family members background plainly demonstrates that other folks were all over lengthy before Rolly, John, Moo, Colette and Spencer.

Teds is in fact more mature that Zoe (John – that is quite difficult to do), Ozzie is just a several months more youthful than Zoe and Lucy, Wizzy and Dizzy have also all been all over given that Zoe was a youthful ‘un.

So here they are alongside one another. And because so much goes on in our dwelling we made a decision to demonstrate you a mosaic of pics here

Posted by Really Adept on 2010-04-29 eighteen:31:34

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