Any summary of the novel “The Eco-friendly Mile” by Stephen King has to incorporate a little bit about the well-known horror novelist, himself. He printed this novel in 1996 as a serial novel, and the initial version in fact came out in 6 small, paperbacks, which have been later designed into 1 novel. King is most properly recognised for his horror novels, so as this summary of the novel “The Eco-friendly Mile” displays, this guide, set in the 1930s, is a departure from some of his other works.


The summary of the novel “The Eco-friendly Mile” involves the plot and placing. The tale will take spot in 1932 on the E Block (Dying Row) in Chilly Mountain Penitentiary in Georgia. It is narrated by the principal character, Paul, who is the captain of the prison guards who preside more than E Block. “The Eco-friendly Mile” of the title is the corridor amongst the cells of the mobile block that prospects to the execution room. The corridor is protected in eco-friendly linoleum, that’s why, the “last” or eco-friendly mile the inmates choose to their demise.

The tale follows John Coffey, a big, black inmate convicted of raping and murdering two young white women, and the other two inmates on demise row, alongside with the guards who look at more than them. Coffey is special, as Paul discovers, and he has magical healing abilities that grow to be evident. He befriends a small white mouse, who he names Mr. Jingles, and heals the mouse when the brutal guard Percy Wetmore tried to eliminate it. He also heals Paul’s kidney infection, and later, Paul spirits him out of the prison to heal the warden’s wife’s brain tumor. Coffey “transfers” this brain ailment to Wetmore, the sadistic guard who the inmates and staff dislike. Wetmore by no means recovers and spends the rest of his lifetime in a mental institution.

Sooner or later, Paul discovers that Coffey is remarkable in a lot of parts. It turns out he did not murder the two women, another inmate (William Wharton) did. Coffey does not want to be pardoned, and dies in the electrical chair due to the fact he are not able to bear the cruelties of true lifetime. Immediately after his demise, Paul discovers that each individual of the individuals Coffey has healed stay terribly extensive lives. Paul is 108 at the stop of the guide, and Mr. Jingles is 64. They have no notion how extensive they will stay, and the novel finishes.


A summary of the novel “The Eco-friendly Mile” involves the people in the novel.

Paul Edgecombe – Paul is the principal character of the novel. A prison guard, by the stop of the tale he is an aged person narrating this section of his lifetime to a buddy who is producing his memoir.

John Coffey – A approximately seven-foot-tall black person, a convicted assassin awaiting his demise sentence on demise row in the prison. He befriends a white mouse and heals individuals of their conditions.

Percy Wetmore – A sadistic prison guard who everybody dislikes. He torments the prisoners, tries to eliminate Mr. Jingles, the mouse, and intentionally botches an execution in which the inmate suffers terribly. He keeps his work due to the fact he is related to the governor.

Eduard Delacroix – A Cajun person convicted of arson, he is in essence a coward. He is the person who dies a awful demise at the hands of Wetmore.

William Wharton – A further convict, it turns out he is the 1 who in fact committed the murder attributed to John Coffey. He is wild and scary, and tries to disrupt the prison as a lot as he can before he dies.

Mr. Jingles – The white mouse that lives to be 64 and is befriended by John Coffey.

Resource by Wendy Pan