342. Hug a koala

I put in from Sunday to today with Ryan.
Yesterday was his twenty first birthday 🙂 It was a good day, he didnt definitely want to do everything but we went to the films and hung out and obtained pizza and it was good. It was a definitely good handful of days. We went to Wild Region Saturday evening and it was alright, didnt end the very best but I even now experienced exciting. I dont know, Im just definitely satisfied. I definitely happy I obtained to invest Ryans birthday with him, Im so satisfied that 21 many years in the past he was born. And now hes all mine 🙂 He took me to work this early morning, work went really good essentially, I obtained paid out today. And then he picked me up so I could shower at his area. Lol I miss out on him currently. My beloved thing is the globe is to fall asleep up coming to him. Im really drained. I work ten to 7 till Sunday. Blakeys getting medical procedures tomorrow, wishing the little man luck. Hes likely to be so confused and afraid 🙁

To do checklist:
1. Maintain job (seems to be really perfectly on its way, I can zone, make keys, check out clients that dont have returns, and I have a typical plan of were being things are in my division. Moreover I like my coworkers.)
2. Finsh motorists ed
3. Understand to drive
4. Get a automobile
5. Transfer out
six. Get into faculty appear spring

Sticky take note. I dont know lol Im jogging out of things I want to do!! This undertaking requirements to end. If I hadnt gotten sooooooo much powering I would have been carried out on the 2nd lol.

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