Month: June 2017


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Astrology’s Virgo Lucky Days – When Luck and Very good Fortune are Yours

People born in the days from August 22nd through September 22nd, have the Astrology sun indicator of Virgo the Virgin. You as a Virgo possibly know what your standard Horoscope is. But you may possibly not know that sure days, even sure situations of working day are Lucky just for you. Learn what days and hrs every single month are Lucky for you and all those about you who share your Zodiac indicator. Lucky Moon Phases The intervals of the Moon which are particularly fortunate for you are likely to match the period of your sun indicator when your birthday falls. Virgos born in the days from August 22nd through August thirtieth will be particularly fortunate in the course of the New Moon. All those born among August thirty first and September seventh will be fortunate in the course of the days when the Moon is in its 2nd quarter. Virgos born from September eighth through September 17th will be particularly fortunate in the course of the Total Moon. And finally, Virgos born among September 18th and September 22nd will be luckiest in the course of the Moon’s fourth quarter. Virgos Lucky Calendar Days Numerology tells us that Virgo’s celestial selection is (eight). And Virgo’s ruling world, Mercury, has a Numerological price of (4). Combining these quantities offers us the sum of (12) which reduces to (3) using fadic...

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