Month: April 2017

LION: KING of the JUNGLE (pic by vander)

five/31/eleven SD ZOO & SEAWORLD LOG: Sd zoo ….Sd zoo log, arrived all-around opening @ 9a ..bought espresso for $three.twenty five..way also much area for cream ..put coke in ..created a espresso coke combo …flamingos, now koalas 946a, ring-tailed lemur from madagascar (pictures), southern furry nosed wombat australia , lasiorhinus latifrons 953 buerger’s tree kangaroo , australasia, not shifting 956a domestic bactrian camel of asia 959a Bought a good shot KLIPSRINGER (oreotragus oreotragus) standing quite however . sw african meerkat (suricata suricatta hahni fr angola to s. Africa) califirnia condor 1020a live ! Sure, THE CALIFORNIA CONDOR IS A VULTURE ….claims the sign at sd zoo…they “feed on carrion, sticking their head into carcasses”. …1020a rattlesnake 1026a turtle 1032a, elephants 1034 as I turn& snap a aged woman ducks…& claims “sorry sorry” as if I care if she or any person walks in entrance of my camera..u can explain to the parents from the relaxation in that regard..b/c there was a time when each and every pic mattered..b/c u only experienced so numerous pictures on a roll of film …recall ? I do..I am aged enough to recall..12 24 36 ..measurement kodak rolls..or fuji .those where the two big film sellers..some utilized polaroid cameras..all expense cash…today..apart from storage disc measurement, pictures are pretty much unrestricted.if sb walks in entrance of the biggie..delete * simply click again..or...

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six Ways to Prevent Your Wife Cheating Now

So you assume your spouse is cheating on you? You are not certain, maybe she is only wondering about cheating, but matters are diverse and you are suspicious. You can convert matters all over. Do you know about married women who cheat? Studies present that wives cheat as typically as men do, but they cheat for diverse causes. So lets get to how you can end your spouse cheating. You need to go back to the days when you have been dating her, prior to you bought married. You need to start all about all over again. You need to contend with who at any time she is acquiring the affair with and gain. Then you need to hold it up for existence and you will in no way have to fear about her cheating all over again. 1: Begin listening to her, truly pay attention to her and be interested in anything she has to say. This signifies if you are viewing Television set and she will come in and would like to discuss, convert the Television set off. I bet you get a massive positive reaction the 1st time you do this. You need to present her that she is quite essential to you, in point, that she is more essential than anything at all else in your existence. Arrive property early if you can, devote more...

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